Admitted to hospital with pre-eclampsia

Yesterday I had some cramping and spotting so I called the OB just to see if it was normal( had my first internal day before and figured it was from that) they said go to L&D just to be on safe side and get checked out. Well, baby is fine thank God, but my blood pressure was through the roof! They did some testing and diagnosed me with pre-e. So weird bc I literally JUST had my OB appt and Bp was fine and no protein in urine. Fast forward less than 24hrs and bam!!! Ladies if you feel sort of " off" please please don't feel silly about calling your dr or coming in to get checked out. The dr told me it was such a blessing I came in, bc they are deciding now when they are gonna induce me ( I'm 35&4 today) bc the pre-e is that dangerous at this point. Good luck to all you Mama's for healthy remainder of your pregnancies and healthy little ones!