Baby boy!

april • SAHM- 22, Texan born and raised! engaged to the most wonderful man and we have a wonderful baby boy together.!
I found out im having a baby boy! TJ wil be him name because of the 2 middel names he will have. Picking out colors for his room and its becoming so real I just want to cry. Im so scared but so happy that I can be giving the love of my life a son. My boyfriend said the other night he could not wait to meet him. It just made it so much more real for me. Just wish I could get more looney toons stuff for his decor in his nursery!!!! They dont make much of that these days lol!!! Anyway well I think it might have just really sunk in afyer knowing the sex and getting colors picked out and setting the nursery up. Thank yall for listening and baby dust to all!! Love my glow family!