Do you think it's disrespectful?....

I don't want to type out the whole story so here is the link below, please read:
I am shocked that people would find this photo disrespectful. I am what most people would consider atheist, and still I find this to be a beautiful representation of love and faith standing against all else. 
I would like to know how the women of Glow feel. I look at it this way:
 1. The photographer owns the rights to the photos they take so the couple did not even post this it was her. 
2. My birthday is May 26th so it often falls on Memorail Day, is celebrating my birthday disrespectful? What about my friend born Sept 11th? 
3.  Considering most people celebrate Memorial day by drunk driving and Bbq'ing who are these people to complain about a wedding?  

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