Do I have the right to be a little upset.


Okay long story

when my SO and I bought our house it came with a washer and dryer. we also had our own so now we have two sets. My parents lent us money a few months ago and said we could pay them back by just giving them one the washer. my SO flat refused would not do it. Then a month ago a tech sgt went to my SO and cried in his arms about how she almost got raped at laundry matt she goes to. so he said she could have our extra set but not my parents. this woman makes a decent amount of money my So is only a E-3 so he does. not make that much i work full time as well but with bills our last pay checks went all to bills. we don't even have money for food and we have no food.

I don't think it is okay to just give then to her. she should either have to pay for them or she shouldn't get them. my parents have gone way beyond for us and gave us money or food when they couldn't even afford it.

I understand she was almost raped. but she choose to live in a shitty area and go to a shitty laundry Matt. I am not saying she had it coming to her but when you live in that kinda area you gotta be on your toes and she said all that happen was he grabbed her ass. ... that isn't almost raped to me. she also drives an hour and a half everyday that is almost 145 miles every day to and from work. if she cab afford the gas to do that and go to a laundry matt 3 times a week I think she can afford a washer and dryer.

It just pisses me off that he won't help my parents but will help her.

and nothing can make me feel bad. in my eyes her ass being grabbed is not almost raped and she can afford her own, and she was way out of line and unprofessinal confiding in my SO who is a much lower rank then her.

and no I am not saying this because I am jealous I have no need to be. I won't fight for his love he wants someone else he knows all he has to say he wants someone else I gone. hurt like hell but hey. That was to clear up for anyone who thinks I am being selfish or jealous over it.