Fed of being the bad guy - i just need to rant.

This morning my daughter woke up with a cold, I've spent all day keeping her happy, wiping her nose, giving her medicine etc, I spent about 30 minutes getting her to bed, reading, cuddling, more snot wiping, 10 minutes later she'd be crying for me to come and wipe her nose again - obviously I'm happy to do what I can to make her feel better. My boyfriend has been painting the stairs all night, as I'm about to get into bed she wakes up crying and wants a hug, boyfriend can't help because he's got paint on his hands, so again it's up to me, I get her to settle down, go for a wee and she cries again.. And again boyfriend can't (or won't) help so oh it's up to me. I manage to go to the toilet and get changed and decide to bring her into our bed.. She cries again so I say if you want to sleep in mummy and daddy's bed please stop crying (I'm 15 weeks pregnant I should add, & already up way past my bedtime), she starts crying again so I just sit and keep myself calm before I shout.. It's been a long day. Then along comes hero daddy to save the day. I spend my life doing everything for everyone, doing housework, feeding us all, making sure everyone has clean clothes.. But as soon as daddy's available I'm the bad guy. It's just not fair.