Maybe someone can help me ??

I'm going to try to make this as short as possible I promise :) . Okay so here it goes on April 10th I got a BFP. Sadly on April 27th I started bleeding . Miscarried on April 30th I know for sure because I saw it. Sorry for the TMI. I was 6 weeks at this time. So in all the bleeding and everything lasted for about a week from the 27th of April to the 3rd of may. Then it was done . I went back for a follow up on may 6th everything came out naturally I didn't have to have anything done surgically or take any medicine . And I went on my way . I was under the asumption I wouldn't ovulate again until I had another period and kind of regulated some. However pretty much 14 days from the start of my miscarriage I had ovulation like discharge . Yes we had sex during that time but as two weeks later went by I still have no period and pregnancy test are negative. Now I'm not positive I ovulated . But like I said I had ovulation like discharge for about 4 days mid cycle like normal . But is there a reason I still haven't started ? Is my cycle just off from the miscarriage ? I mean surely if I were pregnant it would show on a test by now right ? I'm just wondering what to expect I guess ?