Baby boy name help

Just found out today we are having a boy 💙. We are SUPER excited being as we have 2 girls (one each, this is my husband and my first baby together). Here is the dilemma: when my husband was younger, he made a pact with his older brother that they would name their first born sons after each other. My brother in law did this with his first so my husband is adamant that we do so as well. I completely understand and want to respect the pact they made but I would like to have a say in my son's name as well. The name is John Frank. The compromise I thought of was to go with one of the names I like and add it so: Jackson John Frank. Just wondering opinions out there. I'm open to criticism and feel free to tell me if you think I'm completely out of line for even suggesting adding another name (I just ask that people don't attack with nastiness as I've seen on posts before). I am trying to be sensitive and would just also like to have some input on my baby's name. Thanks everyone!