Conducting a study...

Beth • Newlywed with 7 and 2 year old girls .. trying for #3
I am conducting a study about evap lines. I am 1dpo.. Impossible to
Be pregnant yet. So I took 4 Walmart $0.88 (First Signal) tests and all have evap lines in less than an hour. They were all taken today at different times. You can see the crazy difference in all of them. I have had a horrible time with FRER indents and also last month I took a "compare to first response" blue dye test and within 2 mins a positive showed up! That's the day I started my period :-/ let's try and help everyone out by polling which tests have given you an evap/ false positive. I have posted the pics of my 4 from today and my one from last month. Maybe we can figure out together how to help each other :) 

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