Ectopic pregnancy👼🏼

Stephanie • Aug 12, 2008💑 Dec 21, 2015💍 Sept 04, 2016 Hayden Alberta Marie👶🏼💖 Dakota Violet Rose Feb 23, 2019! 💜🌹
I was at the hospital yesterday cause of a sharp stabbing pains that happened at work near the end of my shift I went home 1hour early. I slept for a bit and when I got up to go pee in the morning I passed a clot, I went to the hospital 12 hours later after blood work ultrasounds and having to be hooked up to an IV, I t learned that I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. So I had to get 2 shots to stop the pregnancy I was devestated! I guess it wasn't my time yet. I will start trying in a couple of months again!