Th Holy Grail of fertility that is Egg White Cervical Mucus - who else doesn't get EWCM?

Esther • November 2016 birth club

Hi ladies,

Please reassure me that I am not the only one when I say that I actually do not get EWCM prior or during ovulation.

I'm in my 5th mth of tracking my cycles and know it all re cycle length and signs of fertility EWCM, cervix position. The only thing I don't do is track BBT just because with a 3yr old I don't sleep well enough for any BBT reading to be reliable.

The day before I get ovulation pain and usually on the day I get a positive OPK reading, i get creamy discharge but never of this egg yoke consistency I keep reading about.

This shouldn't stop one from conceiving? Of course we know the mucis purpose is to make it a friendly environment for sperm to swim through but if it's so necessary why don't we ALL get EWCM?