I have completely gone insane!

Sasha🥓 • 🥓🍳🥞

Well were to start off, I guess I can start with a bit of a back history. I have 2 children from a previous marriage, I remarried and we started TTC recently, its been like 4 months or so since we started.(he has no children) anywho, well this month I could of swear I was preg. All the symptoms I had with my 2 kids I HAVE, even the darken areolas (sorry TMI). Well AF showed as scheduled but only for 2 days and it was mainly brown blood not my usual heavy AF and it stopped on day 2(May 24-25/6) and was light. I always start heavy and it lasts 5 days (always) and well that passed and I still have all the preg symptoms, dizziness, fuller breasts, my areolas are darker (which in my previous pregnancies was how I knew I was preg.) And I just want to sleep and be asleep. Took a test this morning and was negative of course. So I have come to the conclusion I am crazy and need mental help!

I know you ladies are not docs or anything but I need some advice.