SOS! Need your PCOS success stories!!

Amber • tequila baby // moon lady Stella Wren 4.8.19

I did three rounds of Provera, but I’ve been off for two months and am back to no period.

I followed up with my obgyn last week and she said to just wait five months and see what happens, and if nothing I’ll go back on Provera, but I haven’t had a regular period in years. I don’t think the next five months will change anything and my husband and at that point it will be past our year mark of TTC.

Has anyone had any luck with myo inositol? I’ve also rejoined a gym and have been exercising at least 3 times a week and am slowwwllyyy changing my eating habits, but no period/ovulation is really starting to weigh on me 😔 I’m really losing hope guys.

Since I’m having trouble keeping the faith, I’d love to hear ya’lls success stories! I’m losing hope and need to hear about your little miracles 🙌🏻👶🏻