Weekly specialist to answer questions would be awesome!

It's unfortunate that a lot of women on this app either don't have insurance or are afraid to go to the doctor.  Being able to ask questions to like minded women and get a ton of free advice is great, but a lot of times I see women commenting and giving advice that is completely inaccurate and it makes me concerned for women who take that to heart and can't or won't go to the doctor.  Wouldn't it be great if once a week we could do a little "Q" & "A" with a specialist??  A doctor or a fertility specialist, maybe someone different every week to get some knowledgable advice.  I'm sure there are specialists out there who would not mind volunteering a couple of hours of there time to better educate women who are looking for answers.  I would be more than happy to help in the search and so many women on this app would not only benefit from it, but would more than appreciate having that opportunity.  I know you Glow ladies are working hard everyday on this app.  Would love for you to consider doing something like this.