ladies i question about my first paycheck

Mikaela • 23 Latina from Massachusetts. In a relationship for 4 years and counting love my So very much 💗

hello :) i started working January 5 that was on a Friday. the pay cycle is every 2 weeks the 1st and 16th. this is my first job getting paid every 2 weeks so I'm confused about when I'm getting my first check. I know waiting for the 1st check is the worst takes for ever. I am.hust wondering when y'all think I will get paid yes I know I could ask I feel wierd asking I sounds stupid but If I don't get paid by the 1st i will ask then. I just feel i been working so much and getting no money drives me crazy since I have things to pay. But I'm guessing when is every 2 weeks takes longer? any advice will be great thank you