Stripped Membranes

Jennifer • Hello, my name is Jen. I will be 32 in January and due with baby #3 a week after my birthday. My son is 11 and my daughter will be 22 months when baby #3 arrives.

Anyone else’s OB tell them they aren’t going to strip their membranes unless they are at least 4cm dilated?!!! Seriously?! Help me try to get something started!!!!! I’ve been 1cm for 4 weeks now.

I’ve been using EPO, RRLT, sex, and bouncing on my ball (it’s too cold to walk lol I hate being cold). What else can I possibly do? I have a csection scheduled for the 31st that I REALLY don’t want 😔 I want this baby to come naturally and I want to have the birth I’ve always dreamed about.