My birth story with Skyler


Trying to remember everything.Got induced and Mr Skyler was born yesterday. I didn't want the epidural but got it after 4cm when my contractions were 1-2 1/2 minutes apart. IV pain meds took the edge off for maybe 20 minutes then was in tears. When the epidural finally kicked I I was out for the count taking an amazing nap. Woke up feeling pretty good maybe 6cm at the time. At noon I was at 8 cm when the nurse checked. Well she then forgot since she had been there just as long as me and hubby and checked again 15 minutes later and I was at 9cm. Called the Dr and he was walking right into the room (what a coincidence). He had the nurse have me do a few practice pushes to make sure I was pushing ok. Well turns out I moved him down. Dr. said i could push past the last little bit of my cervix, 6 pushes later the Dr wasn't 100% ready when his head came out. 1:07 he was born. Bout an hour later I went to breast feed and he didn't get that he had to suck , swallow, breath and his oxygen levels went to the 70s. He went to the nursery and finally at 9pm I was able to try and feed. He didnt want to latch so he got doner milk, about midnight I tried again and he fed for almost 2 hours. We might be able to go home this afternoon.