Possibly pregnant and stressing

So I took 3 home pregnancy test first one came out negative I took it 6 days after my missed period so like a week later I took another one and it came back positive then another the next day and sure enough positive!

I’m so nervous this wasn’t planned I have a 7 yr old and a 18 month old! I’m scared nervous my anxiety is bad! I haven’t told no one just my hubby. We’re not at a place / time to extend our family. I don’t want to tell my family or even go see a dr I know I can wait till I’m about 8-10 weeks I’m only 6 weeks. I don’t even feel pregnant so I feel like it’s not real. I’m taking care of myself. I’m just not ready to face this again. Idk what to do I wish I could tell someone it’s so hard keeping it in. I feel bad not wanting to be pregnant. It’s too soon to feel a bond or anything I guess it doesn’t feel real since I haven’t been to the dr. What should I do ? When should I make an appt? How long can I wait ?? Please help some advice would be nice