Have we done enough?


I’ve been off the pill nearly 2 months after 15 years. Last cycle I had a period but it was nearly 6 weeks after my withdrawal bleed. I’ve been using OPKs since CD7 to get an idea of what my body is doing as when younger I was diagnosed with mild PCOS.

Last Thursday 18th CD14, I had strong ovulation pain but negative OPKs (morning and night). Lines on clear blue and internet OPK we’re getting much darker so I assumed that was it. My boyfriend was away so the earliest we could BD was Saturday and Sunday night.

Convinced I was done for the month and had ovulated, I didn’t do an OPK until yesterday evening and got two very dark lines (!!!) did a Clearblue advanced and got my smiley peak. So we BD last night too. Looking at my chart, the weekend BDing would therefore have fallen in my window also. Have we done enough do you think?

I’m all so new to this and would love some reassuring please!