New to GLOW & TTC my first. 👣


Hello everybody!! Me and my bf have been together for four years. We are a beautiful interracial couple and we're hope we will soon have a happy healthy little family of our own. We've never used contraceptives and we've never conceived knowing God has a plan for us. With the new year here, knowing I'll be 26 soon, and all my friends having babies and now even my little sister being due in June, it's making me very impatient and nervous that somethings wrong. I don't have insurance but I've been taking prenatals, eating as healthy as possible, tacking my period and my BBT (when i remember). I also used preseed durring my fertile days. Anyways I'm just looking for some tips on ttc and the app, and prayers that I'll soon get my BFP and concieve my own little healthy baby soon.