Fear of trying again

Sara • Mom to Bryson 7/3/13 💚 & my angel baby Brayden 12/15/17-12/21/17💙👣👼 Currently expecting our rainbow baby due 10/14/19 🌈

I was 35 weeks pregnant when I went into labor and had my baby boy via c-section, he was in the NICU and died of a brain bleed 6 days after he was born. He was my second son.

I'm so scared to try again, I'm so scared that if I get pregnant my baby will be taken away again, but I want another baby some day, I'm just so scared, I couldn't handle losing a baby again, I could barely get through losing my baby boy, but I push through for my 4 year old because he needs me. Anyone else go through something like this?