Very long rant! Sorry but I need to get it off my chest

Sorry ladies for this is going to be an absolutely long essay. I just have no one to talk to and I feel that people looking in that don't know me will have better views and real opinions and suggestions. 
So here we go... 
I been with my SO for five years first got together 2010 I fell completely in love with him straight away. Anyway six months in he was going on a family holiday but was acting really upset when he was saying bye to me and almost didn't end up going anyway the longest 3 weeks of my life  !! I then one night had the most awful nightmare that I was in a wedding watching my SO get married but it was not me anyway the next day when I spoke to him I told him my dream and he went silent everytime we spoke he used to choke up and tell me he loves me so much and can't wait to come back. Long story shortened a bit he got off the phone and then called
Me back in absolute tears and was telling me his parents had done an arranged marriage without his consent but he didn't want to go through with it his dad beat him up and forced him to be in he ceremony nothing legal but a traditional thing anyway we spoke I was heartbroken his parents didn't want me as I was not like them.. Me and my so booked him a flight and he ran away and I got him from the airport when he came back he lived with me and my parents   And his family constantly harassing us telling us they would never let us be together etc constant to my phone from his family was not stop. I was pregnant aswell at this time and lost
My baby due to all this stress.. Months past and then slowly they supposedly got used to it only to find out they had tried to bring the girl over illegally and got caught and she was taken into care and as she was only 16 wouldn't be allowed out till she was 18 so over time my SO went back home but we stayed together he got really ill and used to have seizures and when he used to wake up used to ask for me one time he got rushed to hospital and I just went even though I was terrified in seeing his family while I was there his parent s asked for me to go round that evening so I did I poured my heart out to them and they said they would accept me. Few months later I moved in .. But was there rules and traditions I had to wear long
Skirts and make sure I was up every morning  latest 7 am to clean the house to get the cooking started and to make sure I was up to make his parents first drink when they got up I also used to work so I would go to work and come home and do it all over again. I was shattered all the time then they had court obviously as they tried to bring that girl over and we're both put in prison which started a whole new atmosphere All of them blamed it on me and I ended up leaving as my S O had five sisters I was Being bullied everyday and one day even had all my hair pulled any way I left and then when his mum came out of prison she called me and said to go back as she wanted me and wouldn't let anyone do anything to me again I went back again and his father came out a few months later few months later I found out I was pregnant with my son who is now 3 .. I had given up my job and was a full time "bride" cleaning cooking 24/7 hardly sat down up till early mornings and expected to be up early aswell I was like a slave woman. My SO one day said we can't live like this we will never be happy.. So at 7Months pregnant while they was all asleep I packed all my Things and left went to my mums and then slowly sorted out having a place of my own... Again abuse harassment all the time my SO stayed there while I got everything ready so he could just leave and then wouldn't have to go back in this process they had managed to contact this girl and went picked her up and my SO went home one day to see his "supposed" wife in his house he went mad and left with just the clothes on his back and was staying at his cousins. We had our son and moved into our own place we were so happy finally!! After having our boy we set up our lives he started working we moved into a better place but now a whole new chapter in my life he started to be violent in arguments is get slaps kicks he would gamble sometimes not leave us any money Caught him  talking and flirting with girls throughout our relationship pretending he is single on and off then for like 2 years . 
he hadn't been violent at all so we were good used to have arguments but no hitting. Now I am 34 weeks pregnant and all through my pregnancy our relationship has just been mad .. When we argue he breaks thing he smashed up my cupboards he's slapped me twice so hard in my face because of his family said to him I told them that he ain't being good but I don't even chat to them ..when we fight he calls me a slag a bitch tells me he wish he never
Met me telling me he gonna leave and this is all Infront of my son aswell he works till 11pm but does not come home till 3/4am every day. Then sleeps all day gets up and off again I'm so stressed and heart broken and I don't know where to go what to do .. This is my flat not his ..everything in it is myn... He does not pay
For anything here I pay all the bills and do the food shopping he works but saves his money for himself he doesn't give me a penny. Even for this New baby I bought everything on my own he didn't buy even a dummy for the baby. I just feel unappreciated and worthless I feel like I deserve to be treated like his queen after sticking by him through all of this and never leaving him he shows no affection I can't remember when he last held my hand or have me a hug only time he touches me is wen he gets into bed and wants to sleep with me and even then I'm lucky if he kisses me. And today started an argument with me because we was driving somewhere and I didn't tell him to go right and he went left and it completely blew up he went mad drive like a idiot branng me back home and starts shouting at me saying I don't talk to him and that I'm a bitch and that he don't want to be with me went and got some money he left in the room and went gambles 500 pounds came
Back and start saying that it was my fault he did that he told me he's waiting for something and then he leaving for good and it got me thinking is he waiting for me to give birth and he going to try take my
Kids from me ?! Which he threatened to do before ...My head is completey and utterly gone I need advise I don't know what to do anymore 💔