Castrol Oil!

Kelly • Happily married, teaching, and expecting our second July 2018.

I know haters are guna hate....but after doing much research I took my first dose of castrol oil. A friend's Dr even told her to try it. I'm 38 weeks and REALLLY uncomfortable AND READY to have my baby. You can say it's "not natural".. But neither is "stopping" labor (which had to be done 2x for me through the pregnancy). Doctor said I'd probably have to be induced because of the meds I was given for weeks.

I read that castrol oil is more natural than the pitocin they give you in the hospital to go into labor. I'm taking 1.5 tablespoons ever 4-5 hours. Small amounts keep you from getting crazy diarrhea or dehydrating. I'll let You know how it goes if interested! Please no negativity...