Okay so.. there’s a lot of TMI shit on here.. & this will be one of them.. sooo first let me say I’m (30 weeks pregnant) cause I’m posting this in a few places. Cause idk where it would fit.. lmao.. but any who.. I had to pee realllly bad so of course I got up to go pee.. instantly I had this weird pain coming thru, like I could feel something was about to come out of me, but it was uncomfortable so I stopped peeing.. & being crazy I stuck my finger in to feel & make sure it wasn’t a baby! Haha no forreal I had to make sure.. well felt like nothing soo I continue to pee with the uncomfortable kinda pain I was having, then it passes & I instantly look in the toilet.. nothing was in there but a tiny speck of blood. & I’m like okay I know that wasn’t it.. so I feel again to see if it was there.. & it was.. I literally pulled a tiny, like ROCK out of my coochie. Like idk how else to describe it because it’s hard like a rock.. it has no smell whatsoever & I just don’t know what to think of it. I’m so confused. My coochie was hurting. But me & my husband just had sex so I figured it was just discomfort from that. & the big ol baby inside me.. then this happens. Idk the first thing that came to mind was kidney stone. Buut idk man I heard those hurt moore than labor.