I don't understand why this is bothering me but it is

I went to the gas station and when i walked out there was another car parked in the gas station parking lot. Its not like they were just sitting there. Two people from the car had walked out right behind me and got in their car.

But there was a girl in the back seat. And she had the back door wide open, sitting on the edge of the seat as if she was about to step out and she's just smiling at me. She kinda leaned like she was about to get out.

And it's not like a simple smile. It was like she was smiling so hard her face might cramp up. Her face was red too like she was pissed. I mean? I kept looking at her trying to determine what was happening there. I had never seen her before in my life and all i had done was buy a drink. I felt really threatened by her like theres no other way to explain it. I thought she was about to get out and run at me. They didn't do anything to me, they just left.

Usually im not this much of a pansy but my gut was telling me something was not right about that. My heart started to jump into my throat and she didn't even do anything but look at me. I can't stop thinking about it because it bothered me that much and I know its not that big of a deal but just tell me if im being a spaz. I can't even explain the look on her face like she looked crazed. This is not like me, people do not usually scare me just by looking at me. That's why this is so weird.