A full week of strong positive ovulation tests?n


How is it even possible to still be getting positive ovulation tests after one week? I don't even know what to go by now for dpo or when I even ovulated. i thought they would atleast get a little lighter by now, but nope test line is still darker then the control line as it has been for the last week. should I just go by the first positive I got last week and just assume I ovulated 12-36 hours later.. do you always ovulate 12-36 hours after your first true positive or does how many days in a row you get positives play a part too? just nervous now because we focused more on the beginning on the week and now that I'm still getting positives I'm not so sure we planned well for this month and basically I'm already considering myself out. my husband had a minor surgery at the end of the week and hasn't really been feeling up to baby dancing since. wondering if we're still good with most of the baby dancing being around when we first started getting positives instead of the end of the week when I was still getting positives? Monday 22nd (first day of positive opks)

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