MIL in delivery room?

A 💕

I am literally only 4 weeks pregnant so i have soo much time to decide but I like to think ahead. When we had our first baby, of course i wanted my boyfriend (her dad) and my mum in the room. The two people I am most comfortable with. Everyone came to see her after she was born.

Well this time, I will be asking my mum to have our daughter over night because shes the only one itrust with her overnight.

I already know my boyfriends mum will ask to come to the delivery room when I give birth.

Part of me thinks yes, because she loves all things about hospitals, she is an amazing nan, it would mean the world to her and I think its only fair as my mum got to do the first birth, if there is a spare space for her to come why wouldnt I let her?

She wanted to cut the cord for my daughter so was going to wait outside the room but no one let her in so she didnt get to do it (no one else wanted to) so i know if she could witness the birth of the next baby and cut the cord she would be over the moon.

On the other hand, if its a long labour, i dont know if i could put up with her. She is nice, but shes quite “in your face” to nurses etc (not nasty) just asks so many questions and is really nosey. I don’t know if that would bug me.

Would would you do?