Tiffany💞 5 babies, 2👼👼

So Dec 22 2017 I was told baby had quit growing at 7 weeks 6 days and I should have been 12 weeks 5 days. I opted to go naturally and not to get a d & c. Well I'm sure like most people I cried myself to sleep most nights and I was given cytotec to help pass everything. 2 days before I passed everything I had a dream about my baby.. I was in a strange place to me and a little boy maybe 5 or 6 and my dad ( who passed away 22 years ago in Oct ) came to me and said mommy please don't cry for me anymore I'm whole now and I have papaw to play with me.. I don't know but something about this brought a sense of peace to me. Has anyone else had a dream like this? I often dream about my dad I was 6 when he passed away so I had very few memories I can recall but on days I get to thinking about him or just missing him I end up dreaming about him and some good times we could have been and have been having.