What do do when if I’m turning 18 soon?


I turn 18 in a couple months and recently my mom told me I need to start looking for a job so I can pay a bill, my car insurance($100), and gas($60) each month. I don’t mind paying my own car insurance and gas because driving is a privilege, but I don’t think it’s fair to pay a bill in the house as well. I’m still in high school and afterwards I plan on attending university which I’m paying for on my own. Do you think it’s fair if my mom makes me pay a bill ?

Edit: I do help out a lot around the house, I do about 90% of the cleaning, everyone’s laundry, I cook supper and make my brothers lunch while managing school work. My mom also goes on trips as well usually for about a week and this being said I take care of my siblings while she’s away, yet she also wants me to pay bills while doing all of the house work