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Ok so I'm terrified. I have endometriosis & can't have any more babies. I am on birth control but I skip the placebo and don't have a period like ever at all. Been like this for 2 months now. I have some things going on downstairs like dryness, itchy to the point it becomes raw from me scratching, I have dark pee, doesn't burn at all but because of endometriosis I often am also swollen down there. Now today I have like these little lump like pea sized almost cysts under the skin or like a ingrown hair on the lips of my area. I have had them before but never ever nothing more then an engrown hair. Now my area is swollen, sex is painful because of endo and my pelivic inflammotory disease. Sooooo I'm scared it's something like cancer or some weird issue with my female parts. Anyone else have this. And no I don't have any STDS and I'm married. I have been tested before just for self awareness due to having an abnormal pap and turned out it was cervical cancer symptoms before but the spot ended up clearing itself up and they didn't have to do anything else to it. They made it smaller with meds. Soooo I have no clue. Please someone tell me this is allllllll okay or experienced before eĀ