UPDATE!: Iron deficiency and TTC!

Mrs. T

Hey everyone, I need your opinions and hopefully personal experience! My husband and I have been TTC for a couple months now. In December I missed my period and only had brown spotting on the day that I was supposed to get it (it was NOT old blood or anything I have had before). When I tested that month I was still getting BFNs. So this month, I found out I am extremely iron deficient despite taking prenatal vitamins this whole time. My period also would have been due around the middle of the month and hasn't come but I know iron deficiency can do that. However I tested this morning with blue dyes (I'm going to get red dyes this morning) and they both look positive to me. Has anyone gone through anything similar and ended up pregnant? I'm dying to tell hubby!


I think it's safe to say! ❤