Clogged duct that won’t budge 😩 *update*

The Mrs.

Ive got a terrible plugged duct in the underneath part of my boob. I’ve tried EVERYTHING I can think of or find online to clear it - hot shower with massage, heating pad, hot compress, nurse-nurse-nurse (ouch), pumping, massaging - I don’t know what else to try. Anyone have any suggestions??? I’m quite busty and the weight of my boob is killing me 😩

UPDATE- my baby was able to clear it with his intense breakfast nursing session 🙌🏼 BUT now I have a milk blister - or maybe it was there before and helped cause the plugged duct 🤔 it wasn’t white until this morning tho. I’ve been compressing with hot water and Epsom salts between feeds for the last couple of hours and it opens up and drains but then I can feel it closing and it starts to get sore again so I hand express to open again - ugh!