**Trigger Warning** ⚠️


Yesterday, around midday, I realised that for the past week I had been feeling really nauseous. So I decided to take a test. I looked at it 5 minutes after and there was a very very very faint line. So I took another one today, and within 4 minutes it's another very faint line.

Judging by Glow I'd be 3 weeks 5 days pregnant. But with my first I was 4 weeks when I found out and the line showed up straight away really dark. I'm really nervous that this is somewhat of a miscarriage. I'm hoping it is just faulty tests. The line is really hard to take a photo of but I tried anyway. Can anyone tell me what they think, please? 😢

↘️ This one was taken yesterday around 11am second pee for the day.

↘️ This one is extremely hard to see but it was taken today with FMU.