13 week old baby unsettled

My son just turned 13 on Saturday. Today he's been very unsettling this morning which has me confused. He cried for a good whole hour nonstop which was a first. :( I tried soothing him with his paci, but he refused it so then I thought maybe he's hungry because it's been past two hours since his last feed gave him expressed BM in bottle, but he kept crying & pushing the bottle away. Tried holding him and he was still bawling his eyes out, refuses to sit in his bouncy chair or even being put down alone. He just woke up from his morning nap so it couldn't be from being overtired or being overstimulated. Changed his diaper & dressed in comfortable clothing- no tag sticking him. So I decided to take him to a quiet room and just offered to nurse him on my breast which he gladly accepted & decided to drift off to nap again. (I haven't breastfed him because I was recovering from thrush for the past 3 weeks so he's been bottle fed expressed BM). Is it possible that he's going through a growth spurt? I haven't seen an uptake in more feedings so that makes me want to rule out G.S., but he's been fussy for the past two days not the usual. His temp is normal as well. Also is it possible that a baby refuse bottle & just want the boob? He's been able to interchangeably take boob or bottle in the past, but this morning he refused the bottle & demanded the boob. He doesn't have colic or reflux. I thought 13 weeks would be a sunny week according to the wonder weeks?