Should I change drs?

My obgyn has put me on prover the past year and still have not been able to have a cycle without it. In the last 6months she has told me to lose weight before she gives me anything to induce ovulation and lectures me about my weight. I started at 189 7 months and today I went in for a follow up on my blood work fform last week and I am now 176. She is telling me for me not to start a family until I get to 130’s which having PCOS makes it feel impossible to even lose a pound. So when I told her it’s hard for me to lose weight she said it’s a mind thing and I have to push myself hoping she would put me on some medicine besides Provera. My husband and I have been together 8 years and have been trying for 2 years. Should I change drs? Can the new dr see all my blood work and past paps?