uhhh support?? advice?? idk

soooo i need help. my dad has always been a sort of helicopter parent, but lately its gotten so much worse. he decided because “he doesnt know what goes on” that he hates sleepovers and im not allowed to have them anymore and he always has made me feel guilty for making plans so even if i go on the plans, the entire time im there i feel sick. hes super strict with my phone and social media and he is now telling me he has an app where he can see everything i do. he started telling me that he knows i have another twitter/instagram he doesnt follow. i do, but idk if he was just saying it to scare me (theyve found my secret accounts in the past) or if he can ACTUALLY see my entire phone. it makes me feel scared and alone. my phone is my one solid form of communication with my friends and to think that he claims he can see everything makes me feel sick. i need to talk to my friends about personal things and yeah my parents dont need to see EVERYTHING about me. i need my privacy as he needed his. i need to talk to my friends about this but im scared he can read my texts and im stopping using my social media to vent too because he’s telling me he knows everything about me and everything about my friends. i really dont know what to do and every time i think about it i start to cry. i think its borderline emotionally abusive considering it makes me feel this sick and hopeless. even my journal doesnt feel safe knowing how easily he can search my room and find it. i wouldnt put it past him to somehow find this rant even though its anon and on my <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">PERIOD TRACKER</a> APP. i have talked about this with him multiple times. he claims its all his right because hes my dad and not to test him because he can *punish me by taking away more privileges*. anyone have a similar problem? or have any advice? i feel so alone