My "best friend" hates my SO


I have been friends with her for over 20 years. He and I have been together just under a year. She lives out of state and thinks as a single mom that one I shouldn't date tell my daughter is in college. She's 5 now. She got really upset one day because she needed to talk and I didn't answer my phone and said I was spending too much time with him. We'll that day I was actually out with my dad and grandma and had left my phone at home.

She happens to be In town visiting now and dodged my first three attempts to get together because she didn't want to meet him. Then when we finally did she was rude to him and to me. She passed off her kids on to me. We offered to take her daughter to a picnic with us for his work and she was happy but wasn't home when we returned and we had other plans so she was upset. She knew what time we were going to be back.

We'll now it's her son's birthday party and she has changed the date time and location 3 times. she doesn't want my boyfriend there. It's also my only weekend with my daughter this month so she wanted to go to the beach.

Am I a horrible friend for not wanting to go because it's my weekend with my daughter and because my boyfriend is not invited?

yes we have our moments but he is a great guy and I don't know what her issues is. My family loves him, my daughter adores him. Even my ex husbands family likes him.