Apple Watch goals venting!

Lately I want to throw my Apple Watch. I am fairly active. I am 17 weeks pregnant. I have a toddler. I work 4days/week. I try to walk and/or do yoga almost every day. Lately after work, dinner, getting my son to bed, I’m tired. My damn watch says I’m nowhere near one or more of my goals and I want to throw it across the room ! I should prob just stop wearing it as I know I try to stay active. Anyone else using one? What are your goals? My move is only 450. Exercise only 30 min, and stand is 12 hours. I always hit the stand. I’m thinking of decreasing goals during my pregnancy.

Thanks for the responses !

Update - I took all of what you guys said into account. Today I unlocked it. Recalibrated. At lunch I walked up and down the stairs for 25 minutes. I started a “workout.” It saved as a .8mile work out. My watch still says I only did 7 mins of exercise all day. Online People suggest tracking activity as “other” and that works better. I’ll try it tomorrow!

Update #2! My average heart rate went from 70 to 113 during yesterday’s “walk” and barely gave me exercise minutes. Today my average heart rate went to 109 when I used “other” and I got all of the minutes as exercise minutes. So I’m calling this an Apple flaw and never using “walk” again!

Thanks guys