Baby Size?


So I haven’t had an ultrasound since 21 weeks. At that point, baby was in the 50%. I have no clue how big baby is now, but my fundal height was measuring a week ahead earlier on, and has been spot on the last month or so. At my 36 week checkup, the midwife felt my stomach and guessed baby was about 6 pounds, so may be around 8 pounds at birth, which sounds about right to me! Today at my 38 week checkup, a different midwife said she guesses baby is 7.5-7.75 pounds already!! Gosh I’m nervous that baby could be 9 pounds now! What do you ladies think? Is fundal height somewhat accurate or do you get a better idea from them feeling around? Im praying I go soon so baby wont be giant!! Also Ive done really well with my weight gain, and dont have gestational diabetes or anything. Also baby has not dropped yet, which I know can make your fundal height read smaller.