Fever at 13 months old


When should you bring your little one to the hospital/doctor? My son has a fever of 38.5 Celsius or 101.3 Fahrenheit. “Google” says 103 or higher for his age but I don’t wanna second guess that! He’s had a cough and cold for the last few days also! He’s currently only in a diaper our house is at a comfortable temperature but he’s hot from his head to his feet! Last time I took him to the hospital the doctor wasn’t very nice and was mad because I took him there 🙄 so I’m not exactly eager to go back to that place! Also it’s a damn blizzard out and my husband works til 1am tonight and definitely can’t miss work 😩 as he just started back & they want to promote him so it wouldn’t look good. 🙄🙄🙄 thanks in advance!