Mucus plug or Bloody show? Experienced mama's please! *UPDATE* thank you all who answered! Mucus plug was correct! I'm still waiting for labor! ugh lol thanks all!

I'm currently 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I had a pelvic exam on Monday. My doctor said its normal to experience spotting after a pelvic exam or intercourse, especially due to me being on blood thinners for Factor v Leiden (dangerous in pregnancy). I have never spotted on previous exams but I did bleed after this one. However it was all darker brown (old?) blood. I was told it's supposed to go away after 24 hours. It has gotten lighter but not gone away completely. Then today It sort of picked up again a little bit. Still on the brown side though. But it felt so wet. Sorry TMI. I found this chunk of gooey stuff. it's like very thick ovulation mucus, sticky and stretchy but more dense. My question(s) now is.. is this my mucus plug? Maybe my doctor dislodged some during my exam? Or is this bloody show? (apparently there's a difference!) I would call his office to be seen but they will not see me since I'm scheduled to be induced this weekend due to my Factor V. I'm just holding out hope that my little one will make an appearance on her own! Thanks in advance you brave strong stomached souls!