How Far Along Would I be? Docs are confusing me?!?

Irene • Due date Aug ‘18 but she came July ‘18 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Late Term Preemie 💕🌈💕

My original due date according to my lmp is 8/22. At my first ultrasound which was done at the ER about a month ago because of cramping and spotting. I was measuring 3 days ahead so my due date would be 8/18. That would make sense that I’m ahead because I had a faint positive at “6 dpo” so it makes sense that I may have ovulated earlier than I thought. I went for an US at my Ob a few weeks later and they used my lmp date and said I was 7 weeks at the time but according to ER US, I would be 7.3 weeks.

Well fast forward, last week I had some weird colored discharge and had to see a nurse practitioner because mines was out sick. They did an US and she said I was measuring ahead (consistent with ER due date) but saw my Ob 2 days ago for my first trimester screening and used my lmp date. I’m so confused. According to the other clinic US, I would be 12 weeks tomorrow but my Ob office...I would be currently 11.2 weeks today. Which would I go by? Thanks in advance!