Stupid people with criminal children


Guys. I can’t even with how stupid my town is.

So long story short

Middle school kid 13 years old is planning on shooting up his middle school because a teacher made him mad. He used school computers to research guns, maps of the school, selling of human body parts, and other disturbing things. One brave student saw what he was looking up and immediately notified the teachers and the same day he asked a different student if they wanted to help they also did the right thing said no and then notified the teachers. (This was on Friday of last week) The teachers notify police and an investigation is done over the weekend and enough evidence is found to emergency expel him and arrest and charge him. So far so good right? Everything handled the best way possible?

Yeah but then his bail is set at $ 10,00 AND THEN LOWERED BECAUSE HE DIDNT ACTUALLY HURT ANYONE so then his mom can afford his $5000 bail and bails him out. Ok well at least he will be under supervision and under house arrest right?? NO THIS IDIOT WOMAN IGNORES HIS PROBATION AND TAKES HIM OUT FOR PIZZA NOT EVEN AN HOUR AFTER HE IS RELEASED.

Please tell me what parent in their right mind bails their child out after they are charged with threatening and plans to shoot up his school and murder specific people and thinks hmmm might as well go out for pizza and ignore his probation???

So she gets caught and her son is as expected arrested again for not following probation. She then tried to claim that she didn’t know 24 hour House arrest meant she couldnt take him out.

The court then allows her to bail him out AGAIN and despite them already giving her very detailed specifics to what his probation and house arrest entails and that she signed legal papers stating she understood and would be responsible for him the first time he was released the chose to let her be responsible for him again!

Like I can’t even handle this

She clearly showed disregard for the rules set in place. Her son is obviously very disturbed.

She doesn’t seem to take this situation seriously and was more upset that she can’t leave the house with him that she is about him planning on killing people.

I just can’t.

There’s more to the story about his specific details of his probation and his mothers reaction to it all I didn’t feel like typing up but just seriously who takes a kid out for Pizza after they get arrested for planning to shoot up a school....