Ok so about a month after my son was born my hubs and mother got into it. My mom backed out of something(not the first time) and my hubs lost it on her. He basically just said how he felt which was that he feels he can never rely on her. Flash forward to SEVEN months later my mother is still not speaking to my husband. He did apologize via text and would in person BUT she refuses to be around him. She has not been to my house to see the baby in SEVEN months but expects me to pack up the baby and visit her every week. And she makes me feel guilty if I don’t. I cannot take this anymore!! Enough is enough. I’m the one who just had a baby she should be coming to me, right?? I need some advice on what to do bc I cannot keep doing this for the rest of my life. She always says to my baby that she misses him and I tell her “you can come over my house whenever you want” which I do! My husband has no issue with her coming over when he’s there or not (which she won’t even do that) I’m so over this. I feel like my mom and husband are my parents and I’m trying to juggle split custody. I need advice on if I’m crazy or not for feeling this way. I feel if she misses my baby as much as she says she does she needs to make in effort. I’m a new mom who works part time as well I have a life outside of trying to please my mother and make sure she gets her visits. Any advice on what I should say to her? I cannot take this anymore!!!