Possible spinal fluid leak??

Sorry this is so long but want to explain well. So I had a repeat csection on Jan 21. The whole experience was absolutely terrible & completely different from my first. All that aside, when they did my spinal I immediately felt nothing but fire shoot down my left leg. They said not to worry & poked again. All three pokes this kept happening, it hurt so bad I was crying (I handle pain well so I was getting scared something was wrong). After the third stick, I apparently started slumping to one side because one nurse actually started freaking out saying I was slumping & to stop. Three nurses started to hold me up while she poked again. On the fifth stick I finally went numb. So during the surgery & next few days I felt like my head was on fire, literally worst “headache” I’ve ever had. They said that’s normal from the spinal. So fast forward to now, two weeks later, I have had a terrible constant headache for the past two days. (Btw I stay hydrated & eat well) My pain pills don’t even take it away. I can’t even sleep it hurts SO bad. It is constant, never lets up. So my question is has anyone experienced this? Is it possible the spinal was done wrong or I had a reaction to it this time around? Or possible spinal fluid leak?? Any advice or insight on this is helpful, thanks!!