I wasn’t scared to be a Mom


I really wasn’t I felt ready! My husband and I had gone through so much in our marriage & we were at our strongest ever. We’d been married 5 years, I’d wanted to be a Mom my entire life and there is finally was. My oldest daughter is amazing from the moment she was born I felt like I really knew her & met her needs successfully. We knew we wanted another one right away so they’d be close in age.

I’m now 9 days away from my 2nd csection & meeting my 2nd little girl & I’m terrified! I’m sad that Sadie won’t be an only child anymore. I’m nervous I won’t have enough love to go around. How can I be a Mom to 2 kids? The hubs & I are still doing great and he’s an amazing support! I’m just SO nervous.

Pic for attention of my Sadie Bug, soon to be big sister!