so in January I bled 18 out of 31 days. Off and on bleeding usually 4 days of bleeding then a couple off. I've been to my regular Dr. My sporadic bleeding started back in September. It's steadily gotten worse. I've literally been to my regular Dr 4 times since it all started. My insurance is crap and stated I need my regular physician to approve me going to an obgyn for it to be covered. But my Dr won't approve it. He said "your only problem is your weight. If you could lose weight your cycle will fix itself." I have been trying to lose weight healthily and successfully lost 10lbs which I know isn't much but it's something and he said it's not enough. Before anyone tells me to just see another Dr. I have been having cycled problems off and on for years and have been to several different drs. They literally all say the same thing. A. That I need to lose weight and B that I need to get on birth control. I've tried 6 different kinds of birth control and have had horrible reactions to them all. 3 of which I ended up hospitalized because of how severe. I went to an obgyn and paid out of my own pocket last year and had him do an ultrasound and a pap. Both came back completely normal. Its so much worse than it was back then. I'm 29 married with no kids. I want to have a family more than anything. is there any advice anyone can give me that I can do to fix my own cycle without a Dr since they won't help me around here???? Please I'm desperate someone help me