i dyed my hair for the first time!!

hannah • Hannah

since I was in the 6th grade I've wanted to dye my hair but never had the balls to do it. A few years later and...

what do you think?

I do miss my natural brown hair not gonna lie but I'm really liking the red :)

I did a poll on Instagram asking what they thought. my ex best friend from 6th said that she didn't like it. so I texted her out of curiosity

me- you dont like the red?

her- no, it doesn't fit you or seem like something you'd do..

me- oh okay, why is that?

her- block.

so yeah she blocked me kinda confused

Update: thank you for everyone's honest opinions, I really enjoyed reading all of them. I'm sorry if I was able to reply back to everyone. thank you for being so kind, and to the ppl that didn't like it so much that's understandable. I just wanted a change :)

• I should mention it's semi-permanent

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