Valentine’s Day


I told my boyfriend he doesn’t have to get me anything for Valentine’s Day. An I truly honestly mean it.

But I have a strong feeling he’s not going to listen to me. We really don’t have the money to spend this Valentine’s Day . Though it is our first one together.

Should I be mad that he spends the last few dollars he has one me on Valentine’s Day ? Or should I be grateful he’s an amazing boyfriend? Though I’d rather have his time, attention, and love a little bit a day every day of the year. Than just one little 24 hours .

I’m kinda confused on what emotions to feel if it happens ? I truly hope he listens to me . And just do what we do everyday. Him playing the game, while I read my books, so he leans on me or lays between my legs, than cuddle me at night like every day. Maybe he can just take me to the mountains and have a little picnic at the waterfall? Doesn’t even cost more than $10.