What would you do? (Warning: long story)

I've been talking to this guy for a couple months and a few days ago I planned to visit him. I go to school about 1hour away from home  and he goes to school close to my parents house. The day before, we had a conversation about me coming over and he said "most likely you can come But I will let you know because I have work and i have a lot of homework to finish." The next day i ask again and he said "You can sleep over but I have to be up early tomorrow" I told him i didn't mind and that I was about to start driving. I told him when I reached and that i was downstairs but he wasn't answering his texts. I was waiting downstairs for 45 mins. When I finally called, he said " sorry i was in the shower I'm coming down" when we got off the elevator I asked if he saw any of my texts and he said no and that he was ABOUT to take a shower and he was laying down watching the game. We get to his room, I have a small attitude from waiting so long. I'm sitting on his bed waiting for him to finish taking a shower. His bed is a mess. Pillows are in between the wall and the bed and all the blankets are rolled up into a ball. I start looking for the remote for the tv and  I see strands of hair .. (not mine... ) on the bed. He gets out of the shower and starts to comment on my atittude and I tell him about the hair. He says no one has been in his room. I need to use the bathroom but he tells me to fix my attitude before I can use his bathroom. Eventually I get him out of the bathroom and I use it. After I wash my hands I threw the papertowel away and I see a condom and a pad wrapper in his trash can. I mention it too him and he gets defensive saying "that was from you" and "don't you think if I had something to hide, I would've thrown the trash out ?" And that the pad was from his roommates friend who used his bathroom. (His roommate .. has his own bathroom) I leave the same night. I havent been in his room for a week but he claims that the condom was from the last time we had sex. Am I crazy or is he lying?