Abandoned while pregnant, do I have the right to be angry/upset with him?😣😢

Champlin • Mommy to a 3 yo prince and due 04/22/18 with a little princess ✨❤

Update ; He blocked me on Facebook and IG after I messaged him. So, let's backtrack here a lil. I started talking to this guy I met in June of 2017. We talked for a few weeks then I went to his house which was a two hour drive away from where I live. I went to his house to stay the night, and we ended having sex three times. Stupidly, I let him go in for a few seconds without a condom and I didn't think much of it. The next day, I leave his house & we still talk for a few weeks. I notice I'm feeling sick as the weeks to go by and then I miss my period. I had a feeling I was going to find out I was pregnant as I have been pregnant before so I remember what I had felt like. I took a test and bam came out positive. I told him, and he freaked out. He said he wasn't ready to be a dad and that he was scared. He also said he'd be there if it was his but he told me he didn't believe the baby was his. I told him I had no reason to lie, and she really is his. I ended up trying to give him space for a few days but after days, weeks and now almost 7 months we didn't say a word to eachother. I was scared to message him as I didn't want to come off as like I wanted to bug him, but I don't know why he couldn't message me. It really hurts my heart because I have been waiting and he never has. We still have eachother on Facebook and IG, so I have posted several pictures of my ultrasounds of our daughter on Facebook and Instagram and I know he has seen them. I just seen now after being off of both of them for months he now has a girlfriend for the past two months, and he decided to move to Hawaii. I live in California. I've let him know about this baby since day one of finding out, he just has never believed me. Which isn't fair, I had no reason to lie to him. All I wanted was for him to support me and be there but he had to act like it wasn't happening. I'm sure he still thinks the baby isn't his, and he hasn't told his girlfriend or family about baby on the way. What can I do in this situation? and do I have a right to feel angry for being abandoned while pregnant? I can't help but feel so angry with him now. I'm almost 31 weeks so our daughter will be here in two months or less. I can't believe he would just try & forget about us cause he doesn't believe me 😞 I've messaged him as well lastnight because it's been so long and I am tired of waiting on him to reply.